“Everything is not simple, everything is very simple” – Pēteris Šmidre has written an exciting book

The opening ceremony of Peter Schmidt’s book took place in a cordial and free atmosphere with readings from the publication, music by Nila Īle and the group, and social conversations. Both the author and the editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Rīgas Viļņi” Ainis Saulītis and the person in charge of the Russian version – Aleksejs Šeiņins – commented on how the book, which was published in both Latvian and Russian, was made.

Pēteris Šmidre, acknowledging that the work on publishing the book was going smoothly, gave as a thank you the editions just sent from the printing house, in which everyone had written a wish.

At the opening ceremony of the book, next to Pēteris was his wife, Aija Šmidre, the chairman of the board of the publishing house “Rīgas Viļņi”, and her daughters Zane and Jasmīna.

Former President Valdis Zatlers and his wife Lilita Zatlers, former Prime Ministers Valdis Birkavs, Māris Gailis and Vilis Krištopans were present at the celebration, the latter receiving the greatest words of gratitude. It was Krištopans, if it can be said, who was “at fault”, giving the green light to the prosperity of Pēteris Šmidres’ company and the modernization of Latvia’s telecommunications.

Among the guests and congratulations were many businessmen of Peter’s friends. Jānis Kols with his wife Mārīte Kolu, Jūlijs Krūmiņš, Valdis Garoza, Deputy Mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks, fashion blogger Agnija Grigule – these are just some of the well-known people who enriched the event.

On the opening day of the book, Pēteris Šmidre admitted: “The idea to write something was a long time ago. Mainly because when meeting people, I often have to tell the same thing about myself. Now I can just give you a book – here, read! ”

I also wanted to put my thoughts on the shelves and arrange them. Because sometimes it’s that I don’t understand why I think the way I think. I decided that I should try to put everything in some system. The anniversary is not quite the reason, but it is a good opportunity to impose a “dedline”, because otherwise it would be postponed again and again. “

Mobile communications and cable television were the main business directions of Peter Schmidt. However, he has sold all his telecommunications businesses, turned to agriculture, and set up a financial fund in Luxembourg to finance the purchase of real estate in Spain, where Peter’s company has been active in real estate for some time.

Read a more detailed interview with Peter Schmidt here!

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