everything that will change from September 1

Who says first day of the month, says new rules. From September 1, new measures come into force in Belgium, in various sectors.

Coronavirus: the summer plan will enter its 4th phase, except in Brussels

The fourth phase of the summer plan for the relaxation of health measures will be launched from September 1, the consultation committee decided on August 20. This new step will not however benefit entirely in Brussels where a large part of the measures in force this summer will be maintained, in particular in the hotel and catering industry, due to the too low rate of vaccination. This means, for the country, that restrictions on receiving people at home or in tourist accommodation will be lifted. The restrictions in the opening hours of Horeca establishments, the number of people at the table, the terraces, the noise level and the service at the bar or standing places will also be lifted. However, the obligation to wear a mask when traveling is maintained. In Brussels, on the other hand, the relaxations concerning the catering and night shops will not come into force and establishments will always have to close at 1:00 am at the latest.


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