What an exciting day at Love Island! Today it was said again in the villa of the lovers: please pair! For Natascha Beil and her darling Tobias Wegener as well as Sonnyboy Victor Seitz and Tracy Candela, the first thing was a double date. Especially bitter for Sabrina Doberstein, because she had drummed but a day ago fiercely on Traumspanier! Then even one or two tears flowed. But who did the Masters of Creation finally choose in the second major mating ceremony? While some flirt duos stayed in the same formation as before, there were also some fresh couples thanks to newcomers Finnja Bünhove and Sabi! These are the new constellations: Marcellino Kremers chose Julia. Tobias Wegener decided, as expected, again for dream wife Natascha Beil. Spaniard Victor grabbed his Tracy back. Bartender Sebastian Kögl has apparently enjoyed the flirtation with Finnja Bünhove and chose the naughty young lady. Yannik Strunkey had a go at Lisa and made straight nails with heads. In the end, Till Adam decides which lady has to leave the villa. But does he choose Blasphister Sabi or the unfortunate Sabrina? That it could not go well tomorrow evening for the Grit Girl, hinted already during the episode. Again and again, the other Islanders blasphemed about the 25-year-old influencer – especially Till herself with Sabi. But who do you think the tattoo fan will decide? "Love Island" on Monday, September 10, 2018 at 20:15 on RTL II, then Tuesday through Sunday at 22:15 Love Island, RTL IISabrina Doberstein crying at "Love Island" 2018AnzeigeRTL II, Love IslandFinnja Bünhove and Sebastian Kögl at "Love Island" AnzeigeLove Island, RTL IISabrina Doberstein, German Kuppelshow candidateDisplayShare Showing results
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