Everything you need to know about BZ browser push notifications – about us

On BZ-Online you can be informed about important articles via notification in your web browser. We answer the most important questions about the free service here.

Anyone who uses a smartphone knows push notifications. Messenger apps provide information about new messages, news apps such as BZ-Smart alert you to breaking news and important news. You can now receive push notifications from badische-zeitung.de on your computer or Android device. Everything you need to know about the free service is here.

We need your consent in order to notify CleverPush

CleverPush may collect personal data for its own purposes and process it in a country with an insufficient level of data protection according to EU standards.

By clicking on “Accept” you give your consent for the data transmission, which you can revoke at any time via cookie settings.

What are push notifications?

Push messages are notifications from websites or apps that appear directly on your device. If you subscribe to our push notifications for web browsers, you will be informed about important news on BZ-Online, even if you have not opened the website. With one click you get to the respective article.

How do I subscribe to push notifications on BZ-Online?

Unless you have a Android device or one Computer with a current version of a browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or Opera, you can subscribe to our push notifications at the top of this article. This is how it works step by step:

  • Click on the “Activate push notifications” button.
  • A dialog window opens. Click on “Start” to confirm your registration to badische-zeitung.de.
  • Your browser then asks whether you allow badische-zeitung.de to send push messages. Click “Allow” or “Allow”.
  • You can now select the topics and regions for which you want to receive push notifications. Then click on “Save”. For more information on topic selection, see below.
  • At the end you will receive a welcome message. If not, read the question “I have subscribed to push notifications but have not received any – what can I do?” Further.

Browser on iOS devices, i.e. iPhones and iPads, unfortunately cannot receive push notifications at the moment – but there is an alternative: Install our news app BZ-Smart!

Which topics can I subscribe to via push message?

You choose the regions and topics about which you will receive push notifications. Twelve channels are available:

  • In the “Breaking News” channel, we provide information about breaking news that is important for all of southern Baden and beyond.
  • You can get the most important news and reading tips from your region by subscribing to one or more of the nine regional channels. Their structure is based on the regional portals on BZ-Online. You have the choice between the city of Freiburg and the regions of Breisgau, Emmendingen, Kaiserstuhl, Lörrach, Markgräflerland, Ortenau, Black Forest and Waldshut.
  • You will receive explosive police reports and news about accidents via the “Police” channel.
  • The “Sport” channel is about sporting events, match results and news from clubs such as SC Freiburg and EHC Freiburg.

How can I change the topics and regions I have subscribed to or unsubscribe from push notifications?

You can adjust your topic and region selection at any time in the settings. If you no longer want to receive push notifications, you can unsubscribe there. Click the “Edit Settings” button at the top of this article.

on Android devices you can find the settings of the mobile website in the menu (three stacked lines in the top left) under the item “Activate push notifications”. On one Computer You can also find the settings on the start page in the right margin between weather and digital newspaper.

You can change your topic and region selection by adding or removing ticks. Then click on “Save”. If you no longer want to receive push notifications, click on “Unsubscribe” below the topic selection.

When can I receive push notifications – and when not?

on Android devices you can receive our push notifications at any time as long as your device is in operation.

On one Computer you can receive push notifications as soon as the browser with which you signed up for the notifications is open. It does not matter whether or not you have opened a browser tab with badische-zeitung.de in the meantime. There is an exception to this Safari on Mac: Here you will receive push notifications as soon as you are logged into the device.

I have subscribed to push notifications, but nothing arrives. What can I do?

Maybe no push notifications were sent from us at the moment. Or you use a device on which our news app BZ-Smart is already installed – in this case you can activate push notifications in the app settings.

It is also possible that your browser settings prohibit websites, or especially badische-zeitung.de, from sending you push messages. That can be changed – the steps required depend on the device and browser. Select the appropriate combination here:

Android devices:


I don’t see a way to sign up for push messages. What can be the reason?

You may be taking advantage of a iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, browsers cannot currently receive push notifications on these devices.

Or you do not allow third-party providers, such as our push provider Cleverpush, to set cookies on your device. You can change this in your privacy settings by allowing functional processing purposes in your cookie settings. The latter can be found under “Cookie Settings” at the very bottom of this or other pages on badische-zeitung.de.

How can I receive BZ push notifications on iOS devices?

To on one iOS device To receive push notifications from BZ-Online, we recommend installing our BZ-Smart news app. When you open the app for the first time, you can choose which topics and regions you want to stay up to date.