Everything you need to know about Monday’s blood moon and lunar eclipse

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A lunar eclipse will occur next Monday, May 16, in the wee hours. It will be a total eclipse, the first of 2022, the second taking place on November 8. Those who want to observe it will have to get up early and they can admire this astronomical phenomenon for about an hour.

The Moon will therefore be in the shadow of our planet on the night of May 15 to 16. This rare spectacle that is the lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned.

The appearance of a lunar eclipse is an event that only occurs once or twice a year in the celestial vault. It will be total, which has not happened in Europe since January 2019.

On Monday, the total solar eclipse will occur between 5:29 a.m. and 6:54 a.m., 85 minutes when our satellite will be tinged with a beautiful red-orange color »as described by the site of the French popular science magazine Sciencepost.

« We then speak of ‘Red Moon’, ‘Red Moon’ or ‘Blood Moon’.»adds Sciencepost, which specifies that from metropolitan France, and therefore from Belgium, “ early risers will still be able to marvel at this astronomical spectacle for about an hour because the Moon will set before being entirely in the shaded area ».

The longest total lunar eclipse of the century occurred on July 27, 2018, from approximately 9:30 p.m. to 11:15 p.m. A total lunar eclipse of similar duration is not expected until the year 2123.

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