EVGA divorces NVIDIA and exits the graphics card market

Ethereum recently moved to proof of stake, putting another nail in the coffin of cryptocurrency mining. Graphics cards will get even cheaper, and in the meantime we learn that the market has lost a big player, EVGA. Find out what went wrong below.

EVGA is one of the largest graphics card manufacturers and has just announced that will no longer produce graphics cards based on NVIDIA technology. Terminates collaboration with NVIDIA, and thus NVIDIA loses its largest Add-in Board (AIB) partner in North America. EVGA has been careful to assure the owners of the current generation of graphics cards that it will continue to support the products already on the market.

It should be said that NVIDIA and AMD create the GPU design of a graphics card, but the graphics card itself is built by a third party, from ASUS to MSI and EVGA to Gigabyte. EVGA also pointed out that profits fell in the AIB area. The profit margin has fallen from 25% in 2000 to 10% in 2015 and 5% in 2022. NVIDIA is meanwhile selling its own Founders Edition motherboards as a reference edition and a benchmark for partners.

EVGA was therefore forced to compete with its direct partner. There’s also an image problem for NVIDIA, after YouTube channels like Gamers NExus and JayZTwoCents complained about their relationship with the company, according to their industry sources.