Evija Skulte is already preparing to receive the beloved Estonian “every day”

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“To be honest, I think we will marry Aimura,” Skulte admitted to Ieva magazine. “It’s a responsible step, of course, especially since we’ve been together long enough – a year and a half. It’s time for a crucial moment – either you go further or step down. And I want to go further.”

Evija also told how she got to know her loved one – it happened in the swimming pool, quite by accident: “It turns out that Aimur had watched me swim, and shortly before the pool closed I was able to address me. beneficial energy, there was a feeling – I can trust. “

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“In this relationship, we both feel like ourselves,” the actress said. “There is no feeling of a stranger, no feeling that someone doesn’t like something, that someone wants to change you. We are good together, and good for exactly who we are.” Evija also believes that Aimur will always accept her as she is. “Even if I do some stupidity – in a party too many permits, dancing, packing with a man, he will not condemn, but will allow to do everything I want,” says Skulte.

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