Evo Morales accepts the political asylum offered by Mexico


Evo Morales, who resigned on Sunday from the Presidency of Bolivia forced by the military in the midst of a serious crisis following the elections of October 20, accepted the offer of asylum offered by Mexico, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said Monday.

"I inform you that a few moments ago I received a call from President Evo Morales through which he responded to our invitation and verbally and formally requested asylum in our country," the Mexican Foreign Secretary said in an urgent appearance from Mexico City. .

Evo Morales resigns to recover «social peace», after calling new elections

Ebrard said that Mexico "has decided to grant asylum for humanitarian reasons" to Morales "because of the urgency he faces in Bolivia where his life and integrity are in danger."

«We will immediately proceed to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, which we have already done, for whom under international law proceed to grant the corresponding safe-conduct and securities, as well as guarantees that Mr. Evo's life, personal integrity and freedom Morales will not be put in danger and he will be able to put himself in safety, ”he added.

The foreign minister, who did not accept questions from the press, did not reveal whether Morales is still in Bolivia or the date he will travel to Mexico.

The head of Foreign Affairs of Mexico explained that he has already informed the Organization of American States (OAS) of this decision by invoking "the international protection of life, freedom and integrity of Evo Morales," and that he will inform the UN and to the Mexican Senate.

"Our tradition has always been for the protection of the persecuted politicians," said Ebrard, who said that "the granting of asylum is a sovereign right of the Mexican State in accordance with its normative principles of foreign policy to protect human rights and respect self-determination. of the peoples ».

This Sunday, Morales announced the repetition of the presidential elections after the OAS detailed numerous irregularities in the elections of October 20 in which he was re-elected for a fourth term.

But soon after, and under pressure from police and military, Morales confirmed his resignation from the Presidency after almost 14 years in power, in a video from somewhere undetermined.

This Monday, at a press conference with the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexican Foreign Minister denounced the "coup d'etat" in Bolivia and announced that "Mexico will not recognize the new government."

In addition, he also announced that he will ask the OAS for an "urgent meeting" of the agency to assess the situation in Bolivia after Morales's resignation, and criticized the "silence" of the agency on Sunday after the "military pronouncement."

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