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The last Saturday, since Arequipa, Evo Morales He called on the government to “nationalize natural resources.” The next day, Prime Minister Guido Bellido released his threat against the Camisea Consortium making clear his intention to follow the failed government policy of the Bolivian politician on gas management.

Regarding this, the Bolivian journalist Carlos Valverde explained to Peru21 that Morales’ measure was a total failure, since it generated the “destruction of the interest of private companies to explore more deposits; which caused the wells that we currently have to remain empty. In a year and a half there will be no more. All the money that came in was wasted and now we are in very serious problems ”.

SIGHT: Bellido finds out in his own populist and demagogic tale

This in reference to the information published by the newspaper El Deber (see image), where it was reported that in a meeting between Yacimiento Petrolífera Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) with entities of the gas sector it was announced that Bolivia does not have a way to supply the internal and external market of natural gas.

There is not. Former Bolivian president, Jorge Quiroga, criticized the waste of money resulting from the nationalization of gas.

For his part, the executive director of the SNMPE, Pablo de la Flor, questioned whether the government is trying to emulate the project that Morales is selling in Peru. “This idea of ​​following the Bolivian model as a project to be imitated is far-fetched. The gas experience has been appalling. And they are already having trouble supplying. They have problems supplying Argentina and Brazil. It would be wrong for us to imitate this failed experience, ”he noted.


Bellido backfires private investment
Bellido backfires private investment


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