Ewel0na reveals at what age she lost her virginity. Did you want to know?

Rewrite this contentIt is impossible not to notice that most of the participants Warsaw Shore (if not all) have undergone spectacular metamorphosis since their debut in the program. The most powerful “tuning” among the stars of the problematic show has undoubtedly passed Ewelina Kubiakwho uses a pseudonym every day Ewel0na. The celebrity who likes to experiment with her appearance gave up at the end of 2021 series of invasive procedures.On the list of treatments she underwent at that time Ewel0na, there were such corrections as nose surgery, bust correction and removal of excess skin after previous liposuction. The scalpel didn’t touch her for that buttocksalthough many Internet users still accuse the 28-year-old that in reality it is otherwise.The rest of the article under the videoSee also: Ewel0na returns after a long absence: “It was hell”The scathing comments don’t stop Ewel0na from sharing intimate details about her private life with her fans. Due to the numerous questions from concerned followers, Kubiak decided to organize a “Q&A” series on Wednesday, in which she raised several issues that bothered them. At the beginning, the celebrity received a question from an extremely direct Internet user who wanted to know at what age did the famous scandalist lose her virginity. Ewelina quickly satisfied his curiosity, revealing that she was not an adult at the time.17 she replied without further ado.Another Instagram user asked in what “the stupidest place” Ewel0na indulged in love. This time, the celebrity quickly cut the impertinent question.I don’t recognize “dumb places” she said.Do you appreciate her honesty?Rate the quality of our article:Your feedback helps us create better content.sort byPopularLatestThe oldestI always go into news like this to see what kind of monster these chicks are making of themselves. View answers (13)Terrible what she did to herselfAnd so late for her, odd not 14 Recent Comments (167)❤️‍🔥heart38 to moderationIt’s better to do x surgery than just take care of yourself and lose weight 🙈🤣Ake parents are happy that they have such a famous daughter. There is also a ban on promoting prostitution. Details are important, it’s a pity that this monster did not post photos From being the sea of ​​​​a pretty girl, a freak arose and will cry in old age Here is a living example that you should not use aesthetic medicine or whatever it is called when it is not necessary. A disfigured woman who doesn’t look like herself. Dear women, do not go this way….And what kind of dragon is this? I don’t know who is louder, celebrities or their followers?🤮🤮🤮I can not. I’m 35 and look like a baby compared to her. Take off those eyelashes or you’ll scratch the glass!AT LEAST FRANKENSTEIN DID NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY MADE OF HIMWhat happened to her ass?Every time I look at her pictures, I can’t help but laugh😱😱😱😱😱15 hours agoreport to moderationLooks like a centaur 🤢🤢😯🤣🤣🤣I don’t want to know when she lost her virginity. I want to see it on film.
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