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Ex-Blue Jackets Select GM Scott Howson as the next AHL president


Scott Howson, former general manager of Columbus Blue Jackets, is the first president and other CEO at the Hockey League.

The AHL was unanimously elected by the Board of Governors on Friday as successor to Dave Andrews. Andrews has been in that role for the past 26 years.

Howson, who holds a law degree from the University of York in Canada, has an effect in July 1. He is currently 59-year-old player development director Edmonton Oilers and has previously spent six seasons as GM for Columbus.

Andrews is retiring but will remain chairman of the board of governors of AHL.

“The American Hockey League has been a great success for today,” said Bill Daly, NHL vice commissioner, with Australia. “I think his heritage will be an innovator and someone who has helped make the American Hockey League grow.” T

Howson takes control of a 31-team set running to California now. During his time, Andrews oversaw the merger of AHL and the International Hockey League and the expansion across North America.

“There is a great deal of progress going on,” said Daly, who has worked closely with Andrews for over ten years. “It has also been very innovative and has worked closely with our general managers in testing rules and helping us understand the advantages and disadvantages of these rules.” T

The AHL tested versions of 3-on-3 overtime and hybrid icing rules before they were implemented by the NHL.


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