Ex-Chairman of IDI on PDSI Discourse Reduces Medical School Fees: Very Possible – The Indonesian Doctors Association (PDSI) is pushing for the revision of Law (UU) Number 20 of 2013 concerning Medical Education. The purpose of this revision is to reduce medical school costs.

Former Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI), Daeng M Faqih responded to this. According to him, it is very possible for medical school fees to be cheap through the revision of the Medical Education Law.

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“Depending on our commitment, it is very possible (medical school fees will be cheap),” said Daeng to, Tuesday (17/5).

The commitment in question is to look for a medical education financing scheme so that it is not borne by the majority or entirely by the community, both parents and students. According to Daeng, the cost of medical education becomes expensive if it is only borne by the majority or entirely by the community.

“This causes our brothers and sisters who are smart and intelligent but have no money to lose the opportunity to enter medical school,” he added.

Daeng said that the current cost of medical education varies. Based on information from students’ parents, the cost of medical school per semester ranges from Rp. 15 million to Rp. 40 million, specifically for the Single Tuition Fee (UKT).

“I heard this from the parents of students, it needs to be confirmed to the respective medical faculties,” he said.

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, admitted that he did not know the details of the cause of expensive medical school fees. When viewed from the conditions so far, medical education does require a lot of practice and special tools.

“Physician education has a lot of practice and uses a lot of practical materials and tools, laboratories, internships in services, and others,” he said.

PDSI’s Reason for Pushing for Revision of the Medical Education Law

General Chairman of PDSI, Brigadier General TNI (Purn) Jajang Edi Priyanto revealed the reasons for encouraging the revision of Law Number 20 of 2013 concerning Medical Education.

“The main thing is to encourage the school fees of the Faculty of Medicine (FK) to be affordable by the community,” said Jajang to, Monday (16/5).

PDSI also pushed for the revision of Law No. 29/2004 on Medical Practice. Jajang said his organization did not encourage the revision of all the materials of the law. But only at certain points.