Ex-football star kills Puma and takes pictures of himself with the loot

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Ex-football star Derek Wolfe shared the picture of himself and a killed cougar on Instagram.

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Ex-football player Derek Wolfe shared a picture of himself and a killed mountain lion on Instagram. In addition to admiration, there is also a lot of criticism on the Internet.

Colorado – In this country, hunters make sure that the game stocks don’t get out of hand or they should prevent diseases from spreading among the animals in their hunting ground with their work. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, 75,000 wild boars were killed in 2020 because of swine fever. But in recent years there has been increasing criticism of the craft. Among other things, because hunting tourism is increasing.

Hunters travel to Africa or Central Asia to obtain special trophies. Pictures of killed lions or buffalos shock hunting critics again and again. This is also the case with former football pro Derek Wolfe, who killed a mountain lion in the US state of Colorado and caused a sensation with a photo of his prey.

Former football star kills Puma and posts photo of it online

A few days ago, the ex-football star shared a photo of himself and a huge puma on his Instagram account. Derek Wolfe holds the 91 kilogram and 181 centimeter tall animal in his hands. The mountain lion was up to mischief in the neighborhood, reports Wolfe in his contribution. He is said to have killed two dogs belonging to a local woman and then nested under her porch.

The amateur hunter therefore lay in wait. “We first found a deer that he had probably killed before,” says Wolfe. Eventually he was able to confront the puma and kill it with a bow and arrow, like reported. “Then I had to back him down the mountain to get him to the truck, falling ten feet off a rock face on the way down,” he wrote on Instagram.

Ex-football star kills Puma: admiration and criticism on the net

While the former football player proudly presents his achievement, online reactions are divided. On the one hand, Derek Wolfe received admiration for his photo. “So impressive! Congratulations”, “Damn it’s huge! Good work” or “madness”, many users comment under the photo.

However, others also reacted angrily to the post. “It’s a shame about such a great animal,” writes one user. “Do you think that’s something to be proud of?” asks another. “Mountain lions are on the verge of extinction you psychopath,” ranted one Twitter user. “So cruel, cowardly and wrong. It’s their home, we live in it,” animal welfare organization PETA said. In fact, mountain lions are protected species in many regions of America.

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