Kieran Hayler, Katie Price's husband, brought the kids to the Bonfire Night tonight.

The father of two brought Bunny, four, and Jett, five, to a fireworks display near his home in Chiddingfold, Surrey.

After a hard Halloween reuniting with her children, Katie's social media remained incredibly quiet tonight.

Earlier this week, Peter Andre went all out for Halloween to professionally paint Princess and Junior for the spooky night.

Princess (11) and Junior (13) were desperate to be trained as skeletons – and her father was happy to pamper them.

Jett enjoys the fireworks

The family enjoyed the campfire

Her accommodating father agreed – later, with Michael Jackson's thriller, he lapped in the kitchen at home in her ghostly rising.

"I'm so ready for Halloween!" He wrote this week in his column for new magazine.

"I have my skeletal romper and I'm ready to wear it! At the time of writing my column, the rest of the family has not decided what to wear, but I'm sorted, so that's all business, right?"

Peter Andre and his daughter Princess dress up as skeletons

They were smoking with Michael Jackson's thriller

He added, "Theo was a bit too young to really enjoy Halloween last year, so we can not wait to bring him back with a trick or a treat.

"Let me tell you, he's definitely not too young to enjoy chocolate!"

Meanwhile, Katie Price has been beaten for using her children to find themselves in social media.

After weeks of radio silence, the five-year-old mother returned to Instagram today to show pictures of her youngest children, Bunny, four, and Jett, five, for Halloween.

"Happy Halloween from me and the kids," she wrote, adding, "What's it about."

When she returned to social media, the former glamor model revealed she was filming for her new show.

And there's a lot of material as Katie was in rehab, fending off bankruptcy and interfering in a suspected stunt driver incident.

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Katie Price with her daughter Bunny

Katie wishes her fans a happy Halloween

She told the fans it was good to be back

But fans with eagle eyes noticed that her father Kieran Hayler had organized a Halloween party for her last night.

"It's funny that she has not been here for months, as soon as Kieran celebrates the Halloween party, she tries to steal his thunder," a fan commented.

Another added, "So Kieran brings her into the Halloween costumes from the party he made especially for her, and you post the photos as if you had your children disguised to accept the loan, they are so transparent. "

Katie Price is on Halloween with her mother Amy and the kids Bunny and Jett

She dressed Bunny as a witch

Harvey pulled a black cat onto his iPad

A third fan commented: "Children are not just for special occasions – they are the hardest job in the world every day!"

Another wrote, "She does not really care about her, she's better off with her fathers, she's a selfish woman who prefers to use herself as her children."

Meanwhile, other fans greeted Katie again on social media and blew up the haters.

"What I do not understand is that when you all hate so much, why are you following them and commenting on their contributions, like wasting your time and being so childish that you're fools," a fan commented.

"Welcome back, Katie, just ignore the haters and hope you get stronger," added another.

Kieran Hayler hosted a Halloween party last night

Jett bobbed for apples

They carved pumpkins together

He put on a nice spread

This year, Katie was a terrible horror show when she came to the pulmonary clinic, facing bankruptcy and suspected alcohol consumption.

Even so, The Pricey is up and up, posting a trio of Halloween photos of her family.

First was a picture of Bunny wearing a witch hat when Katie labeled it: "Happy Halloween from me and the kids".

Then Harvey showed his creative side as he painted a scary black cat on a computer and Katie said, "Harvey drew me a black cat for Halloween on his iPad."

Then it was a sweet photo of her mother, Amy and Jett in a werewolf mask with Witch Bunny, when Katie said, "What is it about?"

Before being released from rehabilitation because of her insolvency hearing yesterday, Kieran Hayler had seen today how he bought his kids buying toys today, while their mother barely passed the bankruptcy.

The grim-faced father brought Jett, five, and Bunny, four, to her local Tesco when his ex broke a bankruptcy in a hearing at the London High Court today.

And it seems Kieran wanted to treat the children during their mother's money problems.

Kieran left the supermarket with his kids in tow and said he could not resist firing the kids with toys.

Katie is reportedly desperate to spend Christmas with her children Jett, Bunny, Princess and Junior, who are currently living with their fathers.

But the contested Katie Price has to face Christmas without a home, and therefore without her children, if a December 4 bankruptcy hearing does not work in her favor.

The former businesswoman filed a motion yesterday with the High Court seeking repayment of £ 22,000 in unpaid taxes.

At a hearing this morning, the judge postponed the case until the end of this year to allow the HMRC time to consider whether to accept their plan known as the Individual Voluntary Arrangement or force them into bankruptcy.

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