Ex of Katja Schuurman about sex with her: «She wants six times a day»

Door Editorial Online

&nbsp- 22/06/2022 om 15:44

The striking revelation appeared in the Dutch television program ‘Shownieuws’. In it, a showbiz journalist claimed that he had “once slumped” with an ex of Katja and learned all about their sex life in the past. «He has confessed that Katja has slightly – well, omit the ‘light’ – has nymphomaniac tendencies. She really has to do it six times a day… That was all very intense for that ex,” said the journalist.

New relationship

The 47-year-old ‘Costa’ actress recently got a new boyfriend after she broke up with Freek van Noortwijk (33) in November of last year after a relationship of six years. She recently said the following about this new relationship: “I want to try not to put everything into solid form right away. When I feel I like someone, I prefer to see a signature on a contract right away. Then we tick it off, it’s done. Because you become so insecure…”, she said in a podcast. She wants to avoid that constant urge for confirmation. “I don’t want to do that anymore,” he said.

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