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The 2010 Chicago Blackhawks abuse scandal is now widespread. After it became known that ex-VSV and 99ers player Kyle Beach was the victim, Stan Bowman and Joel Quenneville resigned.

8:33 a.m., October 29, 2021


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Kyle Beach was a victim of abuse in the NHL
Kyle Beach was a victim of abuse in the NHL © GEPA pictures

An abuse affair in the North American professional league (NHL) has had its first consequences. With Stan Bowman a top official resigned from his office. According to the association “in the best interests of US ice hockey”: “His continued participation would be a distraction for the Olympic team.”

It was triggered by events from 2010. According to a published study, the club leadership was the Chicago Blackhawks to Bowman allegations of sexual abuse against the then video coach Brad Aldrich not followed up adequately, although she knew about it. The NHL therefore penalized the Blackhawks with a fine of two million US dollars.

The victim was the former Austrian legionnaire Kyle Beach (Salzburg, Graz, VSV), who played in the Blackhawks’ farm team at the time. Now he broke his silence: “It’s a great feeling of relief. It is no longer just my word against that of many others.” The incident was kept under lock and key by the club management, Beach was also silent: “Back then I did what I thought was right to be able to pursue my dream. That was not thinking about it, not talking about it, and ignoring it.” The Blackhawks responded immediately: “We deeply regret what Kyle Beach went through and apologize for the mistake of not responding immediately.”

Florida head coach Quenneville also resigned

In connection with the case years ago, the head coach of the Florida Panthers is also Joel Quenneville, resigned. This was preceded by a conversation with the NHL boss on Thursday (local time), according to the league Gary Bettman. After that, everyone agreed that it was “it is no longer appropriate that he should work as Florida’s head coach”said Bettman in a statement.

Quenneville is one of the league’s most successful ice hockey coaches and has won the Stanley Cup three times with the Blackhawks. In the season of the first title triumph in 2010, Quenneville is said to have belonged to the group of leaders at the Blackhawks who did nothing despite the allegations of abuse.