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"Exceptional convoy", cinema better than life

Nine years later The sound of ice cubes, Bertrand Blier is back with this absurd and squeaky fable in which Gerard Depardieu and Christian Clavier run after the scenario of their lives.

Exceptional convoy **

Bertrand Blier

French film, 1 h 22

After more than forty years of career and 17 films on the counter, some of which have marked French cinema (The Valseuses, Cold buffet, Too beautiful for you), Bertrand Blier who is about to celebrate his 80 years has nothing more to prove and he knows it.

Nine years ago, since The sound of ice cubesa macabre farce in which the specter of illness and death lurked, that he had not given us any news. He comes back today with this amazing Exceptional convoy in the form of a balance sheet, a kind of whimsical concentrate of all his films, to proclaim that cinema is better than life.

"The sound of ice cubes": stories of crabs

The duo Depardieu and Clavier

This convoy which tumbles on the screen all flashing lights, it is the duo constituted by Gerard Depardieu and Christian Clavier. One, Taupin, is on the street and pushes a supermarket cart in the middle of a traffic jam that does not know what to do. That's normal, he did not read the script.

The other, Foster, Bourgeois bourgeois, comes to his rescue to inform him that they have an appointment in the scene 17 to kill a certain Jerome Léveillé. But nothing will happen as planned since the team of writers, led with an iron fist by a "Showrunneuse" (Audrey Dana), having power of life and death over her characters, intervenes constantly to change the story . It is also without counting on this woman in mink who comes to claim a destiny other than his own.

A scenario without tail or head

From the first scene, we find the familiar world of Blier, his absurd and offbeat humor, his pleasure to play with the viewer and to disorient him. But this time, he was less attached to the coherence of his own scenario – which has neither tail nor head – to make a series of sketches, not always funny, in a kind of tribute to the cinema and his own filmography.

Does the director, in search of inspiration, have a tendency to repeat himself or does he present us with the addition of a whole career? " Attention, a life is quickly ruined! "Warns Taupin, while his sidekick notes that thanks to cinema," Mastroianni will never be dead! "Freewheeling, the two actors do not demerit and offer us some lightning, like this final scene of anthology on the recipe of chicken casserole.

Céline Rouden



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