Exchange rate: Dollar closes the week down, how much does it cost you?

The dollar closes this week lower. This Friday August 28 the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported a price of S / 3,534, at the interbank level.

Banks register an average price of S / 3.48 for the purchase and S / 3.59 for the sale of dollars.

While, in the street the money changers buy the greenback at an approximate of S / 3.53 and sell it at S / 3.57.

Today Bloomberg reported a 0.85% drop in the price of the US currency in the Peruvian market. This is the lowest price registered since last July 31.

The day this Friday was marked by the global dollar weakness following the announcement by the United States Federal Reserve (FED) of a new strategy focused on employment and inflation.

The US measures caused investors to have higher interest in risky assets, like the currencies of Latin America, in search of better returns.

Despite this, the dollar still maintains a high price and accumulates a growth of 6.64% so far this year in Peru, according to the BCR.


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