Exchange rate: Dollar registers slight fall at the close of this Wednesday, August 26

The dollar closed the day of this Wednesday, August 26 with a price of S / 3,572, at the interbank level, a price lower than that reported in recent days.

Today the banks registered an average price of S / 3.50 for the purchase and S / 3.64 for the sale of dollars.

In the parallel market, the money changers buy the greenback at an approximate of S / 3.57 and sell it at S / 3.60.

In this session Bloomberg reports that the dollar closed with a 0.45% drop in the Peruvian market, after reaching a price of S / 3,588 this week.

During the beginning of the day, the US currency reached around S / 3.59 before investors’ expectations due to the speech of the United States Federal Reserve (FED).

However, as of 11:00 am, the currency reported a decline in the face of disparate trends in Latin American markets, who were operating cautious, according to Reuters.


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