Exchange rate: The price of the dollar fell sharply to 3.88 soles at the close of today, Monday, June 28

The exchange rate reported a sharp drop at the close of today, Monday June 28, according to data from the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

The price of the dollar fell by 2.12% with what was fixed at S / 3,887 in the Peruvian market. That price is far from the S / 3.96 that was registered last Friday.

According to Reuters, the exchange session was influenced by a lower global aversion to risk and by a recent pronouncement of the presidential candidate, Pedro Castillo.

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Castillo recently announced his intention to ratify the head of the Central Bank, Julio Velarde, which was positively perceived by investors.

“I ask Dr. Julio Velarde so that his work is permanent, consistent with the BCR. That is why it is necessary to give peace of mind not only economically, but also to open the doors for big investments that they have to take place in Peru democratically, with clear rules, but yes, without stealing a penny from this country, ”Castillo said at the weekend.

The technical team of Peru Libre, Castillo’s party, indicates that they are already in talks with the current president of the BCR. As it is recalled, Velarde has been in office since 2006 and is a highly recognized official in the financial world.

How much does it cost you?

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) indicates that the dollar has a purchase price of S / 3,977 and a sale price of S / 3,985.

While the platform how much is points out that in the parallel market the greenback is bought for S / 3,885 and is sold for S / 3,935.

In banks, it is estimated that the price of the dollar for purchase is between S / 3.815 and S / 3.88, while the sale price is between S / 3.96 and S / 4.05.