Currency prices witnessed a remarkable stability on Saturday, with banks and the dollar recording 17.8501 pounds to buy, 17.9553 pounds for sale, and the euro reached 20.4945 pounds for purchase, 20.6073 pounds for sale.

The British pound was trading at 23.2646 pounds for buying, 23.3957 pounds for sale, and the Swiss franc about 17.9337 pounds for purchase, 18.0328 pounds for sale. The price of 100 yen is about 15.9125 pounds for purchase, 16.0001 pounds for sale, the Chinese yuan about 2.5742 pounds to buy, 2.5886 pounds for sale.

At the level of the Arab currencies, the Saudi Riyal scored about 4.7575 pounds to buy, 4.7843 pounds for sale. And the Kuwaiti Dinar is about 58.7463 pounds for purchase, 59.1770 pounds for sale. And the UAE dirham price of about 4.8574 pounds to buy 4.8854 pounds for sale. And the Jordanian Dinar about 25.0676 pounds for purchase, 25.2849 pounds for sale. The Omani Rial reached about 46.2261 pounds for purchase, 46.5649 pounds for sale.


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