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Exchange Rates in Sudan Now the price of the Sudanese pound against the dollar and foreign exchange on the black market and the central bank on Saturday 16-3-2019

Currency Rates in Sudan today, According to the latest exchange rate declared for foreign currencies Sudanese Pound Rate In the Central Bank of Sudan, as well as the latest prices for sale and purchase from the black market, the most famous of which are the pound rates today against the dollar, the Saudi riyal, the Egyptian pound and others. Sudan has witnessed a wide disparity between currency rates, especially the US dollar in banks and the black market. On Dollar in Sudan And the inability of Sudanese banks to meet it.

Currency Rates in Sudan Black Market Today

The prices of selling and buying currencies in the black market within the Republic of Sudan some of the significant rise during the recent period, and prices were with today's transactions as follows

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Foreign currency The price against the Sudanese pound on the black market
U.S. dollar 69 Sudanese pounds
Saudi riyal 18.40 Sudanese pounds
European Euro EGP 77.80
United Arab Emirates Dirham 18.90 Sudanese pounds
The Qatari Riyal 18.93 Sudanese pounds
Sterling pound 89.70 Sudanese pounds
Egyptian Pound 3.94 Sudanese pounds
Kuwaiti Dinar 224.56 Sudanese pounds
Omani Rial 153.64 Sudanese pounds
Bahraini Dinar 142.83 Sudanese pounds
The Libyan Dinar 33.25 Sudanese pounds
Australian Dollar 33.47 Sudanese pounds

Currency rates in the Central Bank of Sudan today

The price of the dollar in Sudan is maintained in the banking transactions at the current price level, as well as the prices of the rest of the international currencies Currency exchange rates in Sudan Today at the Central Bank as follows

the currency Buy Sale

Japanese Yen

Sterling pound

Swiss Franc

Canadian Dollar

Swedish Krona

Norwegian Krone

Danish Krone

Kuwaiti Dinar

Saudi riyal

United Arab Emirates Dirham

The Qatari Riyal

Bahraini Dinar

COMESA Monetary Unit

US Dollar (Egypt)

Inflation affects the price of the Sudanese pound against currencies

The Sudan, especially with the secession of the South officially in 2011, is experiencing an economic crisis, when many of the oil sources in the south have been lost. This loss reaches more than 75% of the oil exports, which helped to support the Sudanese pound and the trade balance. The Sudanese government has tried to solve the problem by liberalizing the Sudanese currency exchange rate for almost a year, but it has increased, and the Sudanese pound has lost more value against various foreign currencies.

Update the currency exchange rate in Sudan today

On the contrary, the exchange rates of the Central Bank of Sudan continue to show relative stability against the pound.

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