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Exchange Timer: Bounce on stock exchanges

by archyw

U.S. 10-year government bond yields declined significantly during the trading session, reaching just 1.12 percent. or the lowest level since February. However, as risk appetite increased and stock index values ​​rose, US 10-year bond prices began to fall and yields are currently hovering at 1.21 percent. level.

Asian markets at 9 p.m. Lithuania’s time is moving in opposite directions – the value of Japan’s NIKKEI index is rising by 0.50 percent, and Hong Kong’s HANG SENG is falling by almost 0.60 percent. Taken as a whole, financial market participants are closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus Delta strain and assessing the potential implications for the global economic recovery. At the same time, investors also understand that the excess money in the market is large, so even a very small correction in stock prices can be seen as an opportunity to buy cheaper shares, which happened yesterday.

Futures suggest that trading in Europe will start in a moderately positive mood. The ECB will announce decisions on key interest rates tomorrow, and investors will be waiting for indications on the future direction of monetary policy. The market does not expect an increase in interest rates, and expects the first interest rate hike (10 bp) by the end of 2023.

The most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin fell below the $ 30,000 mark yesterday. Since the highest price reached on April 15 ($ 63,410), the cryptocurrency price has already fallen by about 50 percent. This $ 30,000 limit is considered an important level of support, so it will be very interesting to monitor the dynamics of bitcoin. The price has now stabilized at almost $ 31,000 per 1 bitcoin.

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Amazon (+ 0.66 percent) tycoon and the richest man in the world, J. Bezos, took to space during the Blue Origin mission and successfully landed on Earth. This is an important step in space tourism, which has not lacked the attention of investors for a long time.

The Baltic markets also rebounded

OMXB rose 0.93 percent, with a total turnover of 4.268 million. However, one large direct transaction (for EUR 1.8 million) in AUGA group shares (+0.17%) accounted for a significant share. LHV group (+ 2.98%, turnover EUR 603 thousand) announced the results of the second quarter. The company earned $ 12.9 million during the quarter. EUR profit. Compared to the first quarter of this year, the profit grew by 13 percent, and in the first half earned 24.3 million. EUR, which is 121 percent. more than in the corresponding period in 2020. Compared to last year, the bank’s loan portfolio grew by 597 million. EUR (33% per annum), deposit growth amounted to 59%. (+1.8 billion euros), the customer base grew by 28 percent.

Trading in shares of Coop bank (+4.58 percent, turnover EUR 433 thousand) lagged no less, which announced the results this morning. The latter’s profit grew 7 percent in the second quarter. up to 3 million EUR (annual growth of 123%). The total loan portfolio grew by 213 million over the year. EUR (+ 38% growth). The overdue loan portfolio was 3% (the lowest size in 4 years).

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