Exchanges between Mexico and the United States

Exchanges between Mexico and the United States

The Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), through the Deputy Attorney General's Office and International Affairs (SJAI), received from the Government of the United States of America 47 nationals sentenced in that country.

Those sentenced, including a woman, were criminally charged for being responsible for crimes against health, two of them had sentences for money laundering and two others for possession of a firearm.

In addition, the Mexican authorities handed over four US convicts, three of them responsible for crimes against health and one for qualified robbery.

"In compliance with the constitutional norms and the bilateral treaty of the matter, the nationals were transferred to a penitentiary center of our country with the objective of obtaining their social reintegration, close to their family nucleus and in an environment that understands values ​​of our society , traditions and language, "the PGR said in a statement.

According to the federal agency, the international transfer of a convicted person seeks the transfer of the inmate to the country of origin in compliance with a benefit protected by the Constitution, with the express consent of the inmate.

"This collaboration in matters of law enforcement, dates back to 1977 when the United States and Mexico signed the Treaty on the Execution of Criminal Sentences."

"The international transfer of sentenced persons is a procedure that does not require the hiring of a private attorney or specialist in the subject, since the General Directorate of International Procedures of the Legal and International Affairs Deputy Attorney General, in coordination with the consulates of Mexico, advises , reports and follows up on these requests for free, "the agency added in a statement.

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