Excited ‘Dead in the style of Madura’, the Ministry of Health Asks the Regional Task Force for Citizen Education


The tweet ‘Corona died in the style of Madura’ has gone viral in cyberspace. The Ministry of Health considers that it should be the task of the regional COVID-19 task force to educate Madurese residents.

“Of course it is the task of the provincial and district/city task forces to improve education and socialization, including the implementation of strict health procedures, 3T and vaccination as part of a joint effort in handling the COVID-19 pandemic,” explained Spokesperson for COVID-19 Vaccination of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi to, Sunday (1/8/2021).

According to him, most people need to be educated because they still think of COVID-19 as a hoax.

“We know that there are still people who don’t believe in the existence of COVID-19 because of the news hoax or not getting the correct information,” explained Siti Nadia.

“It’s important that we don’t become a danger as a source of transmission for other people / other residents who have tried to prevent contracting from COVID-19,” he concluded.

Spokesperson for COVID-19 Vaccination, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi (Photo: Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat)

Cuitan ‘Mati Corona ala Madura’

The tweet contained writings from Firman Syah Ali who told that Pamekasan’s condition looked normal in PPKM level 3 status, even though the COVID-19 pandemic was surging at the moment.

Firman explained that residents in Pamekasan continued to carry out normal activities during PPKM level 3-4. According to Firman, many people hold celebrations in Pamekasan.

“At most it’s an extraordinary celebration, there’s no such thing as progress, and it’s surprising that it wasn’t reprimanded. Even so, the residents actually believe in Corona, but they don’t want to think about it all the time,” he explained.

Firman, who is also Mahfud Md’s nephew, said that recently there was an appeal from the Chairman of the Pamekasan DPRD not to announce the deaths of residents through the mosque’s Toa. This is to maintain the psychological condition of the residents.

Firman added that the Madurese have also recently remembered thaun. That is a belief of the locals, if someone knocks on the door in the middle of the night, and the villagers answer, death will pick up.

Here is the full content of the joke:

Lately a lot of people have died in Madura, among them are relatives, neighbors, school friends and even my ex. I heard some of the news of the death myself directly through the mosque’s loudspeakers, some through guest stories during my self-isolation, but mostly I read on social media.

As long as I was in self-isolation, I didn’t leave the house at all, I was in the Bani Hasyim Seccang tanean lanjang complex, Plakpak Village, Pegantenan District, Pamekasan Regency. As soon as I finished self-isolation then I left the house.

As soon as I left the house, I was surprised to see normal residents’ activities as usual, even though the sad news kept pounding from end to end. The Blumbungan market is still crowded and even jammed, people are relaxed and cheerful without masks, mosque charities shouting with funny sentences.

Turning left towards Aeng Pennay, I met a large group of ex-pats without masks, some of them riding in a crowded pickup truck without masks, having fun in the group of former relatives. I played at my cousin’s house, he just came from tahlilan.

I asked “what kind of pain are you tahlili?”, he casually replied “yes, it’s sick right now”. Buahahaha the term is not corona in Madura, but “the current disease”.

They were not reported to the puskesmas, they were bathed normally, and they were given regular prayers and lectures, so they were not included in the official data for Corona victims in the local district. After the tahlilan, usually some neighbors and relatives of the deceased have died, but they are still not called corona, they are said to have died from the current disease.

There are even more extreme ones, called death of shortness of breath, death of capo’ cap (influenza) and many other terms, the point of which is that Madurese people avoid the term Corona which automatically avoids the Covid-19 protocol for the bodies of their family/neighbors.

Even recently, in Pamekasan, a new tradition emerged, namely to stop broadcasting mourning news through loudspeakers. Even in several WA groups, the Madurese community, I was hostile and scolded a lot for always posting sad news, even though the people I posted the sad news about were people they knew too.

Finally I thought maybe this is a Madurai way to protect themselves from immune killer attacks. They don’t want their immune system to collapse because of hearing the name corona, health protocols and sad news. They want to pretend it doesn’t exist. Or maybe this is the way to achieve Madura’s natural Herd Immunity? Wallahu a’lam.

Yes, as in all other events, Madurese always have their own way. When I wrote this article, I was sitting relaxed at my cousin’s house while listening to dangdut music from his neighbor who was celebrating his birthday.

There were so many invitations, none of them wore masks and kept their distance. Even though Shohibul Hajat’s neighbor recently passed away due to “suffocation disease” or “panyaket se sateyah. And it happened everywhere, not only near my cousin’s house.

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