Exciting adventures in a frightening environment of the revamped “Resident Evil 4 Remake”.

Improvements in gameplay, graphics and audio increase the fun and levels of immersion

“Resident Evil 4” was launched in 2005 and offered scary and fun stages at the same time, through a story full of imagination. In view of the great success obtained by this game, a renewed version of it called “Resident Evil 4 Remake” was launched, which was tested by the “Middle East”, and we mention the most important advantages it offers to players during its stages, which take about 18 hours of play.

– exciting story

6 years after the events of the second and third parts, and in the year 2004 to be precise, the secret activities of the Umbrella Corporation have become public in Raccoon City, after a government investigation into the company’s research took place. Many of the company’s managers and affiliated politicians were convicted and prosecuted, and all of its operations were suspended indefinitely, which led to its bankruptcy. The hero of the game, Leon Kennedy, one of the few survivors of the Raccoon City incident, was asked to become a secret agent with the government after learning of his heroic deeds in the city, and he was sent on a mission to rescue the daughter of President Ashley Graham, who was kidnapped by her. Anonymous group. And “Leon” travels to a European village whose inhabitants speak the Spanish language, where he encounters large numbers of them, given that they have uncharacteristic loyalty to the “Illuminati” group, Los Illuminados, that kidnapped “Ashley”.

While crossing the village, Leon meets Ada Wong, the woman he met in the second part of the game, and his colleague from his government training days, Jack Krauser, who he thought was dead. He also meets Luis Sera, a former researcher on the Illuminati, who helps Leon before he is killed. After reading Lewis’ notes, Leon discovers that the group was able to control people’s minds by implanting a parasitic particle known as “Las Plagas” in their bodies, so that this particle can control their minds. After group leader Osmund Saddler discovers that Leon has rescued Ashley, he orders his group to use any means possible to retrieve Ashley, so that Leon and Ashley hide inside a castle before Osmand’s group launch an air attack. A surprise on the castle. We will not mention more details of the story, and leave the rest of it to the players to discover for themselves.

– Gameplay adjustments

This version offers many modifications that develop the style and fun of playing, including changing the elements that can be destroyed from elements of a contrasting color with the environment in the old version of the game to elements marked with a yellow mark that makes them integrate better with everything around them. This version focuses on the fear factor, as the environment becomes more dark in color, with Leon needing to use his flashlight in many areas, introducing more frightening enemies and interesting moments in the story. The game introduces a group of new enemies that are not present in the previous version, without the player feeling that they do not belong to the environment around him.

The game changes the control method to become more smooth and responsive to commands, as “Leon” can now block enemy strikes using his portable knife, especially against deadly attacks that include chainsaws, arrows, explosive weapons, and others. Leon can also crawl and surprise enemies from behind. The player can now move while firing, which is a convenient and useful feature when fighting a group of enemies approaching the player’s position. This, and the player can ask the character “Ashley” to stay behind him at all times, which is useful when running away from enemies, or hiding away from enemies. This, and the player will not need to open the menus to change the weapon he is carrying, as he can do so through an option that allows him to move between 8 weapons during the course of the game using the directional buttons. However, injury healing items cannot be used across this list as they are exclusive to weapons. And “Leon” can collect the items that he finds on his way directly, instead of displaying a cinematic scene that informs the player of the details of the item that the playing character collects.

Another important feature in the game is its ability to save the player’s progress automatically now, instead of doing it manually in the previous version, which facilitates the player’s progress and not the need to restart playing from areas very far from the place where he lost, especially in places that contain Over a lot of enemies or when facing enemies ends the stages. The game adds side missions in the form of requests from the merchant, from whom some equipment can be purchased, to obtain various rewards for completing each additional mission, which includes searching for an item or fighting a difficult enemy, and others. Added to this are many other benefits, which increase the levels of immersion.

The control style has been developed to provide better abilities of the playable character

Technical specifications

The game raises the levels of graphics significantly due to the technical progress that has occurred in the technical world during the last 18 years, as the player will witness more realistic water reflections, very rich details in the environment and enemies around him, and impressive details of the faces of the different characters. The acoustics are varied and dazzling and add to the atmosphere of panic, from the sounds of distant wolves and farmers infected with parasitic particles, to the sounds of a chainsaw, which will startle players when it operates near them.

As for the computer specifications required for the game to work, it is an “AMD Ryzen 3 1200” or “Intel Core i5-7500” processor (it is recommended to use the “AMD Ryzen 5 3600” or “Intel Core i7 8700” processor, or better ), 8 GB of memory (16 GB or better recommended), AMD Radeon RX560 with 4 GB of graphics memory or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Titanium with 4 GB of graphics memory ( AMD Radeon RX 5700 with 4GB of graphics memory or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB of graphics memory), Windows 10 64-bit, 50GB of storage recommended Built-in storage, with support for DirectX 12 software extensions.

– Information about the game

Programmer: Capcom

Publishing company: Capcom,

* Game website: *

Game type: Horror Survival

* Gaming devices: “Xbox Series S and X”, “PlayStation 4 and 5”, and the PC with the “Windows” operating system.

* Release date: March 2023

* ESRB Rating: Everyone E

* Multiplayer support: No.