Exciting series about cocaine smuggling makes Netflix viewers ‘high’ en masse and immediately hits the top 10

The Portuguese series ‘Rabo de Peixe’ immediately scores very well on streaming service Netflix.

The Portuguese series Fish tailor in English Turn of the Tide, scores very well on Netflix. In its first days after its release, the series immediately ranks among the top 10 most watched series.

The series is set in the Azores where people in their twenties hardly have a future. Eduardo actually wants to move to the United States, but his visa application is rejected. His friends don’t seem to experience life on the islands as very inspiring either.

Mafia looking

When a shipment of cocaine washes up on the island and Eduardo and his group of friends find it, their lives suddenly take on a bit of shine. Of course this is also the beginning of a lot of problems, because the mafioso who lost the cargo, of course, also look for this.

An exciting story ensues in which the mafioso and the youngsters come face to face. Of course, the local police also get involved and this suddenly creates a period in which something finally happens on the normally so quiet islands.

Watch the series on Netflix.

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2023-05-31 05:18:59