Exclu Vidéo : Kris Jenner : plus épanouie que jamais aux côtés de Corey Gamble – the largest series, programs and films in Arabic anytime and anywhere

2015-07-01 248 Dailymotion

Like her daughter Kim Kardashian, Kris is back in the United States. She landed at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, June 29, in good company, since it was her boy toy Corey Gamble.

The momager was spotted Monday afternoon after a long flight from Paris to Los Angeles. In fact, the couple spent the last week together and on vacation in Paris during Men’s Fashion Week.

Although Kris is older than her boyfriend, whom she has known since October 2014, she displays a radiant mine and turns out to be more fulfilled than ever alongside Justin Bieber’s co-manager.


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