EXCLUDED – Florent Pagny talks about his cancer treatment: “What worries me…”

Florent Pagny has come a long way. In the new issue of Gala, released on newsstands this Thursday, June 1, the singer has agreed to perform a joint interview with his Inca sonled by his friend Nikos Aliagas. The opportunity for the coach of The Voice to talk about his fight against cancer and give his news. During this interview, the singer, which sports a whole new look since the illness, assured that his voice was fine. “I did a little studio with Kendji and Vianney. My voice is fine, it is not affected by the treatment. That’s not the problem“, he assured, before evoking one of his fears. “What worries me is my oxygen. The products you take during cancer treatment lower your hemoglobin and therefore oxygen. I can’t run, I can’t push yet because I feel the aftershocks right away. I need to find my breath“, he said in the pages of Gala.

But as with every event, Florent Pagny has decided to remain combative and optimistic : “It’s gonna be okay because the good news is that chemo is behind me now. I will resume the immunotherapy treatment that I had interrupted. I shouldn’t have stopped anyway. Now, I know it’s going to be a long time, I’ve learned what a recurrence of cancer is, so I’m going to continue to check up and do this immuno every three weeks. And it will last three to five years, at least“, he detailed, assuring that the results of his last examinations were “nickel“. However, Inca and Ael’s father want to be careful:More, I prefer to stay calm. Last time I boasted ‘100% remission’ but five months later I faced a recurrence. So the, the two dots that were flaming have disappeared but I’m not getting carried away“, specified the one who can count on the support of his family in this ordeal.

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Florent Pagny sick: how his relationship with his Inca son evolved

The disease has visibly brought them closer. During this interview conducted by Nikos Aliagas for Gala, Inca Pagny, singer’s son, agreed to confide as rarely. Since their “toy cellar”, a rented garage in the Yvelines where he spends time with his father, the street art enthusiast Told how cancer had changed her relationship with her father. If the disease “has not unlocked some genes…”, as Nikos Alias ​​noted, Inca acknowledges having “realized that he (Florent Pagny, editor’s note) was not eternal”. “We see each other much more often than before. We share even more things together. We take advantage of each other.” has explained Ael’s older brotherwhich specifies that his father holds an important place in his life. “I have my concerns, and he is there to guide me. Encourage me. Protect me. I know how lucky I am to always have her by my side.” Family first.

Find the confidences of Florent Pagny and his Inca son in the new issue of GALA, on newsstands this Thursday, June 1 or available by clicking here. You can also receive GALA at your home every Thursday by taking advantage of a NO COMMITMENT subscription offer !

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