Excluded: iOS 15, Two-factor authentication API, iPhone 13 and Face ID on Mac

Here’s some new information regarding iOS 15, new Macs, and even the upcoming iPhone 13. According to an informed source, Apple has planned some interesting changes in iOS 15, a version that will be presented on June 7 at the opening of WWDC 21. But that’s not all.

Update 9:30 pm: coincidence or “error” of our contact, the information seems to come from the Twitter account Jioriku. The latter had posted almost the same details yesterday. But already, another leaker claims the credit for part of the revelations …


A new control center on iOS 15 inspired by macOS 11 Big Sur

First, our contact explains that the Cupertino company is preparing a new control center inspired by macOS 11 Big Sur. More compact and especially slightly in relief, the latter contrasts with the one we’ve known on iOS for (too) a long time. Integrating a little neuomorphism would not be a refusal.

macos 11 big sur control center

As you can see above, the control center of macOS 11 Big Sur is visually clearer and the various elements have been redesigned to facilitate interactions. According to our information, we can expect to see this late in the beta program, certainly towards iOS 15 beta 4 or iOS 15 beta 5. And we can expect other changes of the same ilk.

iOS 15 should also be the right version for AirTags trackers which will finally show its animations and full support. Already hidden in Locate under iOS 14 with in particular an “Items” tab, AirTags can be tracked in AR with the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

We remind you that we have already unveiled the list of iPhone and iPad compatible with iOS 15.

Dual Face ID and Touch ID authentication

As for developers this time, Apple is working on a new API that would allow them to use multi-factor authentication for the first time. Touch ID and Face ID would be combinable options to strengthen security with two additional biometric tests. We imagine that banking or messaging apps will rush on it. In any case, customers will be delighted because they will finally be able to unlock their iPhone with one or the other solution depending on the context (with a mask for example).


Face ID on Mac

Among the other interesting new features mentioned by our source, we find the arrival of Face ID on Mac. Long advertised, this feature was blocked due to a technical problem. The first devices to benefit from it will be the 14 and 16-inch MacBooks, as well as the new iMac 2021. This would be a new step to facilitate the use of Apple computers, even if Touch ID had already revolutionized access in 2016 by accompanying the Touch Bar.

concept imac 2020 face id airpower 4

A concept of Face ID on iMac

iPhone 13

Finally, regarding the iPhone 13, the 1TB storage option on the 13 Pro and Pro Max got the green light internally. We should therefore go to 256, 512 and 1024 GB. Hopefully prices do not soar because the iPhone 13 will logically integrate Touch ID to benefit from the double authentication detailed above. The Touch ID sensor would be almost fused to the glass and would require the screen to be stock to work. The display serial number and the Touch ID identification number will be linked to the same chip. Repairers are not going to like it … and the cost of manufacturing is expected to rise further. This was already the case last year with the iPhone 12, which integrated an expensive 5G chip as well as OLED screens across the range. But Apple had managed to keep the same prices.

Recall that the iPhone 13 should repeat the same design, while improving on several points such as the reduced notch, the rear camera, the 120 Hz screen for the Pro models as well as new colors with a possible matt black. .

And you, what is your opinion on these novelties?

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