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When considering a business jet, a filial jet or a spare jet, or if you need a mobile phone during the transition period, you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to try 5G fast internet connection, then you can choose the Samsung 5G affordable model Galaxy A32 5G, which has a vision of audio-visual entertainment. The most comfortable 6.5-inch super large screen, the trendy and stylish Meibei Doudou four-lens, it looks good when shooting portraits and landscapes. There is a good A coffee machine that you can find. From now until 4/14, it will be selected by the price comparison king. If you place an order and make an appointment at the store, you can enjoy a more favorable price. The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (4GB/64GB) is 5,490 yuan; the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (6GB/128GB) is only 6,390 yuan, and a variety of colors are available for purchase. until the end.

Price Comparison King[exclusive sale]gives you four guarantees:

★ Guaranteed brand new, undismantled goods from Taiwanese company ★ Sell as much as the price is written
★ Make an appointment for free and you must buy it without rushing ★ Invincible and ultra-low price rolling across the entire Taiwan channel

Free reservations for discount stores

★ To ensure the rights and interests of netizens, all purchases will be unpacked and inspected on site

【Purchase steps】

  1. Enter the event store page: ➡️Galaxy A32 5G (4GB/64GB) ➡️Galaxy A32 5G (6GB/128GB)
  2. Select the store where you want to pay for pickup
  3. Complete the booking process on the website
  4. Call the store during business hours, inform the order content and agree on the date of payment and pickup at the store

[Exclusive Deals]Value 5G Phone Samsung Galaxy A32 5G from as low as RMB 5,490 (4/8~4/14) - 2


  • The discounted price of the event is limited to 4/8~4/14 23:59 when the order is established, you must go to the store to complete the transaction within three days after placing the order
  • If you want to match the door number project, please call the store to ask for the discount after placing the order
  • All products in the event are brand new, unopened, and made by Taiwanese companies.
  • Specials are limited and while stocks last
  • The preferential price of the event is limited to cash transactions. For services such as credit card / installment / additional invoice issuance, please follow the store rules
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of netizens, the products will be unpacked and inspected in person on the spot.
  • The preferential price is only for those who place an order and make an appointment. Please click on the following store link to place an order first!

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[Exclusive Deals]Super Value 5G Phone Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Starting at RMB 5,490 (4/8~4/14) - 5