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    , December 8, 2018In his bright and spacious office, Johnny occupies a place of choice. Gold discs and photos on the walls, integrals and collectors arranged on shelves alongside other house artists … Thierry Chassagne, president of Warner Music France, knew well the rocker disappeared in the night from 5th to 6th December2017. And for good reason. In 2006, he was the craftsman of one of the biggest transfers that the recording industry knew in France by recovering the idol after 45 years spent at Universal. Discreet at the time of the release of the posthumous album, My country is the love, it takes the floor today to confide with frankness and emotion on its professional and intimate relationship with Johnny Hallyday. Here are some excerpts from this exclusive interview in the Journal du Dimanche. Read also – INFO JDD. David Hallyday attacks Laeticia Hallyday in a new songWhy talk today?
Since Johnny's death, I have not stopped being solicited. I answered a few questions during the release of My country is love as a producer. But I always thought that only artists were legitimate to express themselves in the media. Now that the effervescence has subsided, I would like to speak serenely of an extraordinary artist. "It was a very big contract, a little like Neymar when he arrives at PSG" How much was the transfer of Johnny Hallyday?
Contrary to football, contracts remain confidential in music. But it was a very big contract, a bit like Neymar when he arrives at PSG.He was sensitive to criticism?
It could hurt him, but for him the most important thing was the audience. He could spend hours on the Internet to find out what his fans thought about it. "This album allowed fans to hear their idol's voice again and get away from the hype" When did you see it for the last time? ?
In September, at a dinner at Apicius. We were five with Johnny, Laeticia, Rose [l’épouse de Thierry Chassagne, directrice du label ­Warner] and Sébastien Farran. Johnny, who was usually reserved, was much more loquacious than usual. He showed me the house he wanted to buy in Tahiti to be with his daughters. We stayed longer than usual. I had the impression that he did not want to leave the restaurant. At the launch of the posthumous album, you said you wanted to sell the maximum. Goal achieved?
We sold over 1.2million, 97% of which were physical albums. There has been a lot of talk about Johnny's tarnished image because of inheritance issues. This fantastic public endorsement proves the opposite. This album allowed fans to re-hear the voice of their idol and get away from the hype.To read this interview in full, find the JDD in kiosks, on smartphone and tablet or on the Internet. Discover also our subscription offers.


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