Exclusive Lenovo defeats "iPhone X" with an unprecedented advantage

Exclusive Lenovo defeats "iPhone X" with an unprecedented advantage

Exclusive Lenovo defeats “iPhone X” with an unprecedented advantage Areas – Riyadh Zhang Qing, vice president of Lenovo, published two pictures of the next Chinese phone “Z5”, which features a screen that completely fills the phone’s interface area. Technology experts have predicted that the new phone will be the first of its kind with a full screen while avoiding the “slit” on the iPhone X, which includes the front camera and sensors. On the other hand, it is also generally believed that the new phone will not have any spaces at the bottom of the screen, dedicated to the presence of a button or fingerprint. Meanwhile, earlier, the dark space at the top of the iPhone X had a negative point in the phone, which many saw as not providing a breakthrough on previous generations of Apple phones. The site of the newspaper Raya sincere thanks to all of the distinguished Warna Ali Hassan Follow us and we hope to be at your good and we have news of your admiration, where the news was transferred now through our newspaper Alraya, we wish you to follow up the work of “Lake” on the social networking pages of our site “Newspaper Al-Raya – to receive new news “in a renewed and rapid moment of the news and the time of its delivery. Source : Electronic Regions Newspaper Author Info Related topics

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