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Exclusive premiere: MARLENA dares with flamenco pop in ‘Gitana’ | Videoclip | Present

by archyw

MARLENA returns to finish conquering his little hole in the Spanish music scene. After the good reception of It tastes bad to me, a song that ranked among the most viral songs on Spotify, the duo formed by Ana Legazpi and Carolina Moyano is now back with a new single that promises to consolidate the girls in the front line of the industry.

Gypsy is the title of this song which deals with “that unrequited, unattainable and almost platonic love”, as Ana, voice and composer of MARLENA, explains. “It is a topic that talks about those people who without just knowing them take away your sleep, that crush that crosses you and leaves you with a thousand doubts, that you know you can never have but that you cannot avoid dreaming and imagining.”

In addition, musically, MARLENA goes one step further and bet now on a pop with flamenco overtones. The Allnightproducer team repeats with the artists and is also behind the production of this single, while the guitar, an essential symbol in the song, is the work of the composer and arranger Ricki Rivera.

On LOS40 we bring you exclusively the official video of Gypsy. It is a sequence shot recorded at the tablao El corral de la morería and directed by Omglobal, who have previously worked with artists such as Bely Basarte, Rayden and Fredi Leis.

In the video clip of Gypsy, MARLENA tells the story of that almost platonic love between one of the members of the group and a dancer, played by the actress Ana Caldas, who runs a flamenco tablao. A love story that quickens the pulse and makes the skin crawl. ¿Desire to hear and see Gypsy? ¡Dale al play!

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