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Correspondent Cai Weixin/Taipei Report[11/24 11:0711 Issued | 16:58 Update: New video and audio]

Former female f4 member Amy and her son had a marriage relationship last month because of enduring the mental intimidation of her husband Xiao Xue for many years. The next day she applied for a protection order and filed a petition for divorce. It is rumored that she has gone through the divorce procedures on November 8, officially ending her 12-year marriage. Afterwards, she accepted an interview with “Sanli News Network” and confirmed that she had resumed her order. She and Xiao Xue also lived together but slept in separate rooms.

▲Amy confirms that he is back and feels relieved. (Photo/Flip photo on Facebook)

Amy revealed that he has been working hard to adjust his mental state since the incident, and admitted that he is still taking depression medicine. Although Xiao Xue has been working hard to get reconciliation, Amy firmly stated that it is impossible. Facing this marriage, she is obviously dead. 11/7 Looking for Xiao Xue home, the two parties agreed to divorce in a calm state. “I told him that you did not stop drinking and stepped on my bottom line seriously. I can’t forgive you, but even if we separate in the future, we are still sons.” Mom and Dad.”

▲Amy and Xiao Xue still live together after their divorce. (Photo/Flip Facebook)

The next day, the two went to complete the divorce procedures. She also revoked the criminal injury complaint against Xiao Xue and asked Xiao Xue to move home. After moving home, Xiao Xue has not been drunk anymore. Now that she divorced Xiao Xue and returned to friendship, but the two live together, will she worry that Xiao Xue will repeat the same mistakes later? Amy said that he has an emergency protection order. He went to court a few days ago and applied for a general protection order. He is waiting for the judgment. “As long as he drinks again, I will ask him to leave the house directly. Before we find a more stable house for each other, we will be roommates for the time being.”

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