Exercise outdoors: I gave physical training classes in the park to overcome the crisis | Cali

Caracol Radio contacted the trainer who was interrupted by the police officer while he was playing sports with a group of people, complying with all the biosecurity measures.

Abraham Restrepo, has been closed for more than four months with his gym due to mandatory isolation. He explained that the same community asked him to teach in the park in his neighborhood, to solve the economic crisis, caused by Covid-19.

“I started giving classes on Facebook, Instagram and finally on YouTube, the people at the gym asked me to give them advice on the skating rink, all with the respective distancing and I took the audacity to take the temperature, trying to do things right“he explained.

We know what happened to the traffic officer, who finally did not impose the summons. However, Abraham denounced that one of the neighborhood leaders asked him for money to allow him to hold his classes in the park, which is a public space.

“He asked me to help him to give the person who does the toilet in the park. At the moment it is difficult for me to give him money and I told him that I did the cleaning, then he asked me to buy the garbage bags to put in the cans (something that has never been done) “.

Abraham, who tried to find solutions to the crisis, is desperate, because the alternatives he finds are intervened with this type of situation, Like other gym owners, he asks the Mayor for authorization to reopen his business.

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