Exercising is not only fashion or to see ourselves beautiful: it is the way to good health and happiness | BLU mornings

A sedentary lifestyle and human comfort have very serious consequences for our health. Harari, the Israeli historian, believes that the human being, to the extent that he was nomadic, lived healthier, because he burned the corresponding calories; But today, the human being faces the situation of having a more comfortable life -which is good-, but it is a life in which he does not exercise.

That leads directly to life-styles that are fraught with health issues. Unfortunately, It seems that everything that is done in physical exercise is the consequence of an aesthetic influence, of people who want to be beautiful and that he does a whole cult to his body: having marked abs, showing his biceps, among many other things.

However, it must be clear that the issue goes much further, in fact, researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine carried out a study without antecedents on exercise and physical state, in which the need for we have to move away from sedentary lifestyles, and start doing physical exercise, especially intense exercise, which according to the study, is three times more effective in maintaining a healthy physical state, that the simple fact of walking –although this also helps-.

I think that with the pandemic, it was much easier to live sedentary, so you have to become aware and understand that it is a health issue that requires effort. It is not simply about having the best body, or posing like the one who exercises the most, or doing it simply because it is “fashionable”, but about doing it to ensure a happier life.

I know many who do not go to the gym, because it makes them sad to be in the midst of people who have been around for much longer, which seems to me a mistake, since these places are not competition tracks, but must become spaces conducive to giving life to the body. For my part, I will continue to exercise, and I invite those who have not dared to try it. Let’s not forget: it is a health issue.

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