Exhausted because of motorists who park on his land on market days, this farmer has found a radical way to dissuade them from parking again… (photos)

Davao Bedekovic is fed up. This Croatian farmer has lost count of the number of cars that park on his land on market days. After warning the various drivers on several occasions, Davao decided to use his tractor to dig deep furrows around the cars parked in the middle of his land, explain our colleagues from the Sun.

of videos

A plan that the farmer did not hesitate to film to post it on social networks. Images on which we can notably see a woman getting stuck in the mud while trying to move her vehicle. This incident in Zagreb infuriated the owners of the cars who tried in vain to get out of the muddy field.

Two vehicles also got stuck. Annoyed, some drivers called the police complaining about the farmer but after analyzing the situation, the officer sent to the scene felt that he could not do anything since he was the owner of the field. The drivers therefore had to fend for themselves to move their car…