Exhibition “Song and Dance Festival” by Mār Bischof

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Exhibition “Song and Dance Festival” by Mār Bischof

2023-03-04, 11:00
Concert hall “Lielais dzintars”, art room “Civita Nova”

The general Latvian song and dance festival can certainly be considered one of the most important values ​​of the Latvian people, which will gather thousands of singers and dancers from all over Latvia and the world again this year. However, this tradition can be looked at through a different prism. The internationally recognized Latvian graphic artist and draftsman Māris Bišofs creatively interprets these holidays in a cycle of 12 screen prints (drawings), looking for new features and new explanations in their semantics.

The exhibition concept and drawings were created in 2018. The idea to create this project came from the art scholar Uldas Mākulis, who approached Māri Bischofs to create 12 drawings – a series of screen prints dedicated to the song and dance festival. In his characteristic handwriting, the artist has encoded questions about what this holiday is for us Latvians, and also encourages us to think about the importance of this tradition in our lives and its role in Latvian culture.

Venue: art space “Civita Nova”

Free entrance

Working hours: Mon.-Fri. 11.00–17.00, Sat.-Sun. 10.00 – 15.00.

SIA Lielais Dzintars

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