Exit in recall: When did DSDS-Arian make his decision?

Was it a spontaneous decision? In the last episode of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Arian Golic surprised the jury and viewers at the same time: because the talent show candidate got in front of a duet Raphaela Spirydowicz voluntarily out of the top 16. But was his exit a short-term action or a long-term plan? celebrity flash betrayed Arianfrom which moment he knew that he couldn’t go on.

“The thought was there after the performance in the second recall audition,” said Arian in conversation with celebrity flash. It is important to him that it was not a decision made lightly: “Of course you expect pressure, but I couldn’t have guessed how high it would be. This year the pressure was particularly high.” Because the format wanted to be particularly convincing with a new jury and a fresh look: “As a sensitive person, I perceived the whole atmosphere particularly intensively.”

His ability to feel his surroundings so strongly is both a blessing and a curse for him, emphasized the 26-year-old: “I’m extremely grateful for this gift, especially when it comes to music and songwriting. But being on a 24/7 TV show, it was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me.”

Raphaela Spirydowicz and Arian Golic at DSDS 2022
Arian Golic, DSDS-Kandidat 2022

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DSDS-Kandidat Arian Golic