expanded tax support for Maison&Travaux Pro companies

The Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFP) announces the installation of its personalized tax support service for small and medium-sized enterprises in 36 new departmental directorates of Public Finances.

What does this service offer?

This new service aims to meet tax questions and issues encountered by companies and to secure their economic operations. Depending on the case, this service can provide occasional assistance or, on the contrary, register for a longer period.

This approach falls within the framework of the government objective “Acting against fraud” which aims to increase from 1,500 to 8,500 SMEs supported by 2027. As a reminder, this service, introduced in 2018, was installed “only” in the regional public finance departments and, for the Île-de-France region, in the Hauts-de-Seine department. From now on, it has been extended to 36 departmental directorates.

How it works ?

Every direction will count a dedicated team around a “tax contact for SMEs” to guarantee the best legal certainty for companies, in particular when they experience developments likely to raise new tax issues.

Here are the places to find this service:909 – services dafpme_annexe

2023-06-08 15:24:30

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