expanding the results of the famous heroine’s husband betting website The sheriff’s division searched and crushed 4 points, hunting for another 3 partners.

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In the case of the Crime Suppression Division, the network of online gambling websites to predict the results of the World Cup, the website, the website for broadcasting pirated football matches and pornographic movies Three suspects were arrested, namely Mr. Phumphat or Aum Prasertwit, 42, and his wife, Ms. Thamonphan or Jam Panuchit Puttiwong, 40, a former heroine of a famous television series. and Mr. Chetchai Hongkham, 38 years old, with property sequestration super car 42 million baht in Thai cash and foreign currency, luxury watches, 50 brand name bags, 4 luxury villas and many other items. A total value of more than 700 million baht, including the arrest of 5 other horse account holders used to receive money. Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphop Puridet, the police chief, announced the results of his arrest on December 15. .65

Recently, the sheriff’s department has expanded the search results to make more arrests on Hi-So-Aum gambling websites. Revealed on January 15, Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapob Puridet, Pol.Lt.Gen. Pol.Lt.Col.Montri Thetkhan, commander-in-chief, Pol.Col.Phornsak Laorujiralai, deputy commander-in-chief, Pol.Col. Padet Ngamlamom, superintendent 1st, expanding. The results of arresting participants After collecting evidence, asking the court to issue an arrest warrant for the accused have both partners Beneficiaries and 3 additional programmers who maintain the website are Mr. Watchara or Min Raksri, 30 years old, Mr. Krirk or De Aldress, 30 years old, Mr. Thitiwat or Zack Suriyapat, 38 years old. According to the arrest warrant of the Criminal Court No. 85-87/2566, respectively, dated Jan. 12, 2023, on charges of jointly organizing play or defrauding. Help advertise or persuade by directly or indirectly allow other people to play or gamble To play electronic media without permission from the official and money laundering

After that, the force was brought in to search four targets. The first point was to search condominium rooms in Fa Ham Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District. Arrest Mr. Thitiwat or Zack Suriyapat, the accused under the arrest warrant. preliminary confession is a programmer to take care of the system on the ufa24h website. Point 2 searched a villa in Chompoo Subdistrict, Mueang Lampang District, and found Mr. Worawut (surname reserved), 34 years old, a programmer. Responsible for fixing the front of the house and the back of the house of a website, Mr. Phumpat or Aum Prasertwit hired to help improve the system but has never been involved in such business seize computer equipment and a user account used to improve and maintain website content

Point 3: Searched a house in Lat Sawai Subdistrict, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province and found Mr. Pituphong. (Last name reserved), 42 years old, testified that he was responsible for maintaining the database system of the star4k website, employed by Mr. Phumiphat. No involvement, however, as for the 4th point, they searched the house in Soi Ramintra 58, Ramintra Subdistrict, Khan Na Yao District, Bangkok, with Ms. Janejira Krasanon, 29 years old, serving as caretaker. Found evidence related to the ufa24h network, discovered 4 guns and many other items. Check the registration information for all 4 guns belonging to Mr. Krirk. The accused under the arrest warrant, who is still fleeing, arrested Ms. Janejira, charged with possession of firearms and ammunition without permission (wrong hand), brought to Khok Kram police station for prosecution.

Pol. Col. Padet Ngamlamom, Superintendent 1, Department of Defense, revealed that this operation of the search and arrest of online gambling networks The seizure of objects linked to the star4k and ufa24h website network of Mr. Phumpat or Hiso Aum and many people involved in the aforementioned gambling network. useful for investigations make this case have more complete evidence As for the fleeing accused Will speed up follow up, arrest and prosecute

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