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Expect Google to release a watch, Google Home, Nest Cam and more in 2019

Photo of Google Home Hub, Home Mini and Home side by side

Google usually lingers until the end of the year to announce new hardware, but rumors are already circulating about its plans for 2019. According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, a release in Japan, this year's Made by Google series will feature a new Wear OS smartwatch, a smart home speaker, a Nest cam, and a low-cost pixel handset.

Well, not all of this information is new. For one thing, we've been hearing rumors about a Google-created smartwatch for some time now. After the Silicon Valley company bought $ 40 million worth of smartwatch technology from Fossil and surfaced Wear OS code names with fish motif in AOSP, Google seems to be working on new portable hardware at least.

The company will also introduce an updated version of its smart signature speaker, Google Home, and a new smartwatch this year to compete with the Apple Watch.

That's interesting Nikkei claims that we should expect an updated version of Google Home. It's not clear if this means the company will add another smart speaker to its product line, or whether the original Google Home, which was released in 2016, will receive a second-generation update.

At the end of last year it was rumored that Google could rename Nest. It was believed that this move would allow the company to more easily sell the security goods in addition to its household product range. While the Japanese release did not comment on this rumor, it states that the company will be releasing at least one new surveillance camera.

One person who knew about the matter directly told Nikkei that Google is expected to launch a new surveillance camera later this year after Nest Labs' team, the tech startup acquired in 2014, was integrated 2015

Last but not least, Nikkei While it's not a real secret that the search giant is working on two lower-level handsets, the publication says it will be cheaper than the iPhone XR ,

Since the smaller Pixel 3 starts at $ 799 (and is regularly available on the market), it's not hard to believe that a cheap Pixel 3 Lite or Pixel 3 XL Lite will cost less than the iPhone XR's price of $ 749. Dollar is available.

Now we ask you, what would you expect from a second generation Google Home? Do you think that the company should refrain from producing smartwatches? Tell us your opinion in the comment section!


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