Expeditions: Rome – The companions and the twitch extension in the trailer

Next week, THQ Nordic and developer Logic Artists will release Expeditions: Rome for PC. With several new trailers, the developers are now presenting the Legate’s companions and the Twitch extension.

On your adventures in Greece, Africa, Gaul and Rome you will meet five companions who form your elite troop, the so-called “Speculatores”. The wise slave Syneros is an accomplished healer and always the voice of reason in dialogues.

Former gladiator Bestia Tabat uses light armor but is highly agile and ferocious, dual-wielding to vanquish his foes. Julia Calida is an expert in secret missions and an excellent archer. Centurio Caeso, on the other hand, is the prime example of a heavily armored Roman legionnaire.

At the bottom you can find the trailer from the beta phase of the Twitch Extension, which was specially created for “Expeditions: Rome”. The trailer shows how content creators used the extension. When the game is released, both the extension and a new Twitch Drops campaign will be running.

Expeditions: Rome is coming to PC on January 20th, 2022. Here you can find the game on Steam: CLICK! The homepage of “Expeditions: Rome” is here: CLICK! A demo version of the game is also available for download on Steam. We also have some additional information: CLICK!

Source: press release