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Expensive Dream: Moving to Mars as Expensive as a Detached House – Elon Musk Makes New Travel Expense Information | message

What has he not already planned? From self-driving cars, to underground transport systems to excursions into space – Tesla boss Elon Musk is Silicon Valleys great visionary. His latest project: A Journey to Mars, a great childhood dream he wants to fulfill within the next seven years. In a tweet, he spoke again to the topic and gave details of the cost.

Expensive and futuristic dream

Thus, the price of a trip to Mars would one day amount to no more than $ 500,000, perhaps even less than $ 100,000. That's as much as an average single-family home in economically advanced states. Thus, according to Musk, there would be no problem for most people "selling their house on the earth" and investing the money in moving to Mars. The return trip is free.

Already in 2018, the 47-year-old expressed in an interview to "Axios" to his plans. Thus, the chances would be 70 percent that people can soon move on the Red Planet and start new life there. His plan is to tackle the journey with giant spaceships that accommodate 100 passengers and offer various entertainment options such as movies or games. On Mars, the launchers will then be reusable and represent the first building blocks of a base station – a real "city".

And for this dream to come true, prices must be made as affordable for people as possible. At a space congress in September, the entrepreneur said the cost is currently $ 10 billion per person. These should be pushed down to below $ 100,000 in the foreseeable future.

"Hard" living conditions

According to Musk, humans should become "a multiplanet species" that can live on several planets. Mars is suitable for this purpose in that there are living conditions that are comparable to those of the earth. For example, there is sunlight and an atmosphere and it is possible to grow plants. With his company SpaceX, the visionary has been sending launch vehicles into space since 2012 on behalf of institutions and companies, which are meanwhile flying back home unscathed. Thus, he has paved the way to his big dream a lot.

Nevertheless, one would have to adjust according to the entrepreneur to the worst. The living conditions on Mars would be "hard" – maybe even so hard that you will not survive the journey. "We think you can come back, but we're not sure," Musk told Axios. The risk of dying is great.

First manned spaceship flight in 2024

The preparations are in full swing. The SpaceX company says the first unmanned rocket will launch in 2022 with a cargo needed to build a new infrastructure. "The goal is to identify water resources and hazards and lay the foundations for electricity, mining and infrastructure that are important for life support," as stated in the public announcement. The second trip is scheduled for 2024 and will also carry first passengers to the planet. Here, further steps are to be taken, which lay the building block for a "self-sufficient civilization" on Mars.

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Image sources: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images, SpaceX


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