Expensive lesson: 2 famous page young men test the car on the tollway Car confiscated – imprisonment without parole

On the 13th of January, 2023, around 7:30 PM, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lt. Gen. Thiti Saeng, and the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, Maj. Gen. Nithithorn Jintakanon, ordered Pol. Maj. Gen. Suwitcha Jindakham, commander of the Marine Corps, Pol. Col. Sompoch Suwancharan, Deputy Commissioner of the Marine Corps, Pol. Lt. Col. Atsadawut Kwanmuang, Deputy Superintendent of Vibhavadi Rangsit Traffic Control Center/Expressway, Pol. Lt. Col. Thiraphot Thongket, Pol. Maj. Puchong Maothung, Superintendent of Vibhavadi-Rangsit Traffic Control Center/Expressway, to arrest Mr. Sarayuth (surname reserved), 26 years old, and Mr. Kulwat (surname reserved), 27 years old, for negligent or terrifying driving that may cause harm to persons or property, driving in an abnormal manner of driving, driving in a manner seen that regardless of the safety of the lives or bodies of others, and driving at a speed higher than the law. Along with the centerpiece, a red Volvo S60, registration no. 2 Khet -1006, Bangkok.

The police officers from the Vibhavadi-Rangsit Traffic Control Center/Expressway investigated the BALL VCK page, which had tested the performance of cars on public roads and had posted a message with the message “Take a try Volvo S60 T8 R-Design 462 hp ready to test the brakes at a speed of 245 km, what will it be?”. Mr. Kulwat, the page administrator, was found to be using the Volvo S60, registered 2Khor 1006, Bangkok.

The police officers then checked the CCTV footage on the tollway, which showed the Volvo S60 being driven on the toll roads during daylight hours. It was found that Mr. Sarayuth was the photographer and Mr. Sarayuth was the driver. The two accused were then invited to report the allegations and brought to the North Bangkok District Court.

The court sentenced Mr. Sarayut to 3 months in prison and Mr. Kulwat to 2 months in prison, without parole, with confiscated vehicles.

This expensive lesson serves as a reminder to all young men to dress up the brakes before driving, especially on the tollway, as it can result in car confiscation and imprisonment without parole.