Experiencing Depression, Clara Gopa Will Be Taken to a Psychologist

Suara.com – It was reported that his assistant, Clara Gopa, was depressed. The artist, whose hobby is showing off the beauty of his body, has even committed suicide because he cannot be bullied by netizens.

Clara Gopa’s mental condition worries the family and management. They plan to bring Duo Watermelon personnel to medical experts.

“I will consult a psychologist. But I do not know when,” Billy told Suara.com, Friday (7/8/2020).

Billy will first monitor Clara Gopa’s condition and wait moodhe’s in good shape. Because if not, his emotions will overflow and affect his health.

“Now the condition is not possible, again dropping and very sad. If he was taken to a psychologist he was angry. That’s why waiting to relax, then persuaded,” added Billy.

Apart from depression, Clara Gopa is also suspected of having bipolar disorder. The trigger is because he often experiences drastic mood swings in the near future.

Clara Gopa who is mentally disturbed is related to citizen bully.

They think that the sworddut has charmed Atta Halilintar and accused it of disturbing the happiness of the YouTuber and Aurel Hermansyah.

For this accusation, Clara Gopa has apologized to the pair Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah via messages on Instagram. But further action for direct communication with the two, Billy could not inform.

“Now we focus on Clara’s health first,” he explained.

The news of Clara Gopa’s suicide was revealed by Billy through a short video on Instagram. There, Clara was seen lying on a hospital bed.

Clara Gopa’s left hand is wrapped in a bandage, which may have been an incision. While his right hand was stuck with an IV needle.

Despite being hit by an accident, Clara Gopa even got blasphemed by netizens. Many netizens accused Clara of committing suicide just looking for sensation.

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