Expert: frigate “Admiral Essen” – good reinforcement The Black Sea Fleet

Expert: frigate “Admiral Essen” – good reinforcement
 The Black Sea Fleet

16:31 03/13/2018 (updated: 16:34 13.03.2018 ) 1219 8 0 Armed with “Caliber” frigate “Admiral Essen” headed for the Mediterranean Sea. Military expert Boris Rozhin on air radio Sputnik expressed an opinion on how the ship can be involved. The Russian frigate Admiral Essen, armed with the Caliber-NK missile systems, went on a campaign in the Mediterranean Sea, said Captain First Rank Vyacheslav Trukhachev, head of the Black Sea Fleet information support department.
Military expert: the Navy will receive all the ships of the “admiral series” This is the frigate’s first long-distance march this year. The ship took a course from Sevastopol to the Black Sea straits. It is noted that the crew conducted shipboard exercises. In particular, the tasks of swimming and maneuvering in the areas of intensive navigation, defeating the conventional enemy by the Caliber-NK complex, and artillery firing for sea and air targets have been fulfilled.
On air radio Sputnik expert Center for military political journalism Boris Rozhin did not rule out that the frigate can be used to fight terrorists in Syria.
“The Russian maritime group in the Mediterranean continues to work out a wide range of tasks, primarily related to supporting the actions of Russian aviation, the Syrian army in Syria, so that in the next few days up to a week we can expect rocket fire in the area of ​​the Eastern Mediterranean. against the militants: these are either remnants of troops in the east of Syria, or they are the fighters of Jabhat al-Nusra (a terrorist group banned in Russia) in Idlib or in East Gut. will support the Syrian army and, in addition, some technical aspects related to the modernization of missile weapons may be worked out.The West does not like it very much, but, as experience has shown, support from the Russian fleet proves absolutely not superfluous in the Syrian conflict. “Admiral Essen” proved to be an effective ship, this is a good reinforcement of the Black Sea Fleet after the Ukrainian years of stagnation, “Boris Rozhin said.
The military expert spoke about the features of the newest vessel Ilmen “Admiral Essen” is the second watchdog ship of project 11356 (the first – “Admiral Grigorovich”). It is named in honor of Admiral Nikolai Ottovich von Essen, who commanded the Russian fleet of the Baltic Sea at the beginning of the 20th century. The ships of this series have a displacement of about four thousand tons, speed – 30 knots, autonomy of navigation – 30 days. “Admiral Essen” is armed with cruise missiles “Caliber”, a self-defense missile system “Shtil-1,” an artillery caliber of 100 millimeters, anti-aircraft artillery and a jet bomb.
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