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Expert: That's what Meghan's body language says about her love for Harry

The Kensington Palace announced: Duchess Meghan is pregnant. A body language expert now wants to know how it really is about the Duchess's love.
Duchess Meghan is pregnant! The Kensington Palace announced this via Twitter a few weeks ago. According to this, Harry and Meghan are to become parents for the first time in the spring of 2019.
More than ever, the two are in love, holding hands or looking deep into each other's eyes.
But among the skeptics, the question remains: is Meghan really as in love as she always does? Or is it just a publicity game?
As body language expert Stefan Verra analyzes in the newspaper "Welt", Meghan's love is not played. However, she sends out various subtle body signals to emphasize her infatuation even more clearly.
Duchess Meghan looks at her husband from below

The royal lady always looks at her husband deliberately from below, explains Verra. This sends a signal of subordination.

"We know that from children: It looks incredibly nice when they look at us from below."
The Royal couple shows their love to the outside
Another example is the frequent body contact of the royal couple:
 "They clearly carry their relationship status to the outside and thus open doors for women in particular. Women are very interested in the relationships between people, since there is an age-old protection program. Because they can defend themselves badly in case of doubt, they had to learn quickly from time immemorial, who keeps who to whom. "
That may also be a reason why many women find Meghan more sympathetic than sister-in-law Kate. She is rather reserved with her love for Prince William. Body contact in public is rather frowned upon by the two.
Body language expert: "When Harry and Meghan laugh, they often laugh (…) at the same time"
Not with Meghan and Harry. As far as the mutual smile is concerned, body language expert Verra has a clear opinion:
 "When Harry and Meghan laugh, they often laugh at the millisecond at the same time. Their heads turn in the same direction at the same time. They know exactly when they have to stay together. They are in sync, you can see that. These are subtle signals that give the feeling that they are made for each other. "


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