Experts criticize the Australian government for being ‘narrow-minded’ for only ordering four coronavirus vaccines

CANBERRA, June 25 (Xinhua) — An Australian panel of experts has blamed the federal government. “Have narrow thinking” about the country’s vaccine strategy against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stephen Duckett, former Australian Minister of Health pointed out that the vaccination process against COVID-19 Australia’s problem-filled problems have failed in the first place. After the government limited vaccine options to a few brands.

“It was a wrong decision back then and it’s even clearer today. We are taking the consequences of that action,” Australian newspaper Nine Entertainment quoted Duckett as saying. “Our investment decisions (buying vaccines) are very narrow. Compared to other developed countries around the world, they invest in 6-7 or eight vaccine brands, but we only choose four.”

Australian Government Signs Agreement to Purchase COVID-19 Vaccines of AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca), Pfizer, Novavax and Moderna, with the first two vaccines approved for use by the Australian Medicines Regulatory Agency (TGA).

However, Australia limits vaccination against COVID-19. The 53.8 million doses of AstraZeneca ordered are for people aged 60 and over, as recommended by the Australian Technical Advisory Panel on Immunization (ATAGI).

Duggett said many people aged 60 and over have lost confidence in Astrazeneca’s vaccine. After the government decided to limit its use in certain groups. He suggested that 95 percent of the vaccination rate among 60-year-olds needs to be boosted, but that could not be achieved without a larger dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Astrazeneca’s age limit for vaccination has a severe impact on Australia’s vaccination process. which faced severe shortage of vaccines in the early stages The Australian government previously aimed to vaccinate 4 million people by the end of March. and vaccinate all adult populations by October

But Australia only achieved its first goal on May 28 and the government is now targeting at least one vaccination target for all voluntary people by the end of 2021.

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“Currently we can vaccinate around 780,000 doses per week. We will vaccinate 40 million doses, the complete vaccination dose for all adult populations, by mid-April 2022,” Australian television station ABC reported Friday (June 25).

in May Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia announced that the vaccination “It’s not a race,” but the outbreaks in Melbourne and Sydney add to political pressure as Australia prepares to hold elections in 2022.

Bill Bowell, Strategic Health Policy Advisor at the University of New South Wales. said Australia’s vaccination was delayed. compared to other countries of the same level in the world This was a result of last year the Australian government refusing to take a reasonable course of action: “stab all horses in the field” or pre-order all available vaccines.

Incidentally, the Australian Department of Health reported a case of COVID-19. 21 more local infections and 10 foreign cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 30,408 as of Thursday afternoon (June 24).